Authentic Vintage Designer bags in Rotterdam

Authentic Vintage Designer Bags

The process of buying a vintage designer bag can be very exciting! Especially when it is your first. When you buy a Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag, you want to make sure it is authentic. But how can you be sure that you are buying Authentic Vintage Designer Bags ? Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake designer bags on the market. That’s why we will tell you everything you need to know about Designer bag authenticity! 

Authentic Vintage Designer Bags

How do we check the Authenticity of our Vintage Designer bags?

At Designer Stories, authenticity is very important to us. That is why we always provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity on all the items we sell. But how do we do this?  

Does the bag have a serial number?
Chanel works with serial numbers in their bags since 1984 to guarantee authenticity. These serial numbers can tell you if the bag is authentic and also when the bag was made. The serial numbers always have a specific place inside the bag, mostly on the inside of the bag in a corner. The serial number is always a little sticker and is not printed directly on to the leather. The design of the sticker however, can be different depending on the date of purchase. 

Authenticity card
Some bags come with the original box and an authenticity card. Unfortunately, a lot of vintage designer bags don’t have this card anymore. 

Stitches, zippers and hardware 
Let’s take Chanel as an example again. Chanel uses a specific kind of stitching and zippers. Over the years, the zippers have changed. We always check if the zipper matches the year of purchase. Also the hardware, like the chain on the classic flap bag, can tell us if the bag is real or fake. 

Chanel stamp 
Chanel uses a stamp on the inside of a bag. The look and quality of this stamp can also tell us a lot. 

Last but not least: experience. Through the years we’ve had so many Vintage Designer Bags in our studio in Rotterdam, that we know exactly when a bag is real or fake. Mostly, we can tell just by looking at it. But of course, we always check everything carefully to guarantee you 100% authenticity.  

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