Vintage Chanel bags

Vintage Chanel bags

The Chanel Classic flap bag

Lets give you a little Vintage Chanel bags history first! The story of the classic Chanel Flap bag starts in February 1955. At this time, Chanel was already making handbags for over 25 years. But this new bag was different. Chanel decided to create a handbag that you could use hands-free. This made the Chanel Flap bag very practical for women. 

The bag was then named ‘Chanel 2.55’, named after it’s date of creation. 

Vintage Chanel bags

What is the difference between Chanel 2.55 and the Classic Flap Bag? 

During the years, the bag has changed in design a couple of times. That is why the bags are not identical anymore. So, what is the difference? In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld changed the classic square rotating lock of the 2.55 (known as the Mademoiselle lock) to the iconic interlocking CC clasp.

The most Vintage Chanel bags you find these days, are the ones with the iconic interlocking CC clasp.  

Why you should buy Vintage Chanel bags

Vintage Chanel bags are a true investment. The prices of Chanel bags are still rising every year and sometimes even a couple times a year. That is why it is always an investment to buy Chanel bags. Especially when you go for the timeless classic: the Chanel flap bag. 

The Chanel flap bag is timeless and goes with every outfit. It is bag that suits every women and completes every outfit.


Vintage Chanel bags

How do you know Vintage Chanel bags are real? 

When it comes to Vintage Designer bags, it is important to know a bag is real. At Designer Stories, we always guarantee our bags are the real thing! How we do this? We wrote another blog about this topic, that you can find here.  

Always make sure your Vintage Chanel bag is authentic. There are a lot of fakes out there, so make sure to educate yourself a little.


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